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The Miracles of Jesus Bible story for kids with wallpapers, pictures, photos and coloring pages

                                        Once Jesus had been invited along with his mother and disciples to a marriage which was being celebrated in the town of cana. As the celebrations were going on the grooms father was found worried of something. Mother Mary noticed this and told Jesus that the grooms father was worried because wine was almost over and still there were many guests and there was no wine for them. 

Feeding of the 5,000 people miracle of jesus story for children
Feeding of the 5,000 people miracle of jesus story for children
                          Jesus said to her “I will take care of it when the time comes” then Jesus found six large jars and asked the servants to fill them up with water. The servants did as they were told. But they were confused of what Jesus said to them. Immediately once the jars were filled with water Jesus asked the servants to deliver the jars to the persons in charge of the feast. The servants did as they were told. And here suddenly when the jars reached there the water has completely turned into wine. By seeing this this servants were amazed because they has filled these jars with water with their own hands. One evening after completing preaching near a lake Jesus said to his disciples “let us go across to the other side of the lake” so they left the crowd of the people and got into a boat. There were other boats too. The waves became large and violent due to the sudden and strong wind. The boat began to swing dangerously and water also started filling into it. Jesus was sleeping in the boat as he was tired very much. The disciples were frightened and they woke up Jesus saying, “Teacher, save us, we are about to die” Jesus woke up and said why are you so frightened?” He continued “How little faith you have in me?” saying this he got up and commanded the wind “Be quiet” and the winds stopped blowing. The waves died down. And there was a great silence all around. 

Joshua crossing jordan river miracle of Jesus wallpapers
Joshua crossing jordan river miracle of Jesus

                   Everyone was amazed by seeing this miracle. And they said among themselves “Who is this man?” even the winds and the waves obey him. Jesus and his disciples arrived on the other side of the lake. As soon as they got down from the boat and started walking into the town. They met two men who were possessed by evil among the tombs and who came out of the buried caves there. Nobody dare to travel with them as they were so fierce. They were chained several times but always broke free.

jesus healings and miracles healed the sick person pictures
jesus healings and miracles healed the sick person pictures

                   Immediately the evil spirits in them made them speak when they saw Jesus, “what do you want from us, did you come to punish us?” Jesus didn’t say anything to them. Nearby there was a herd of pigs feeding. Then the spirit begged Jesus “If you are going to drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs”. Jesus ordered spirits “Go” so they left the man and entered the pigs. Immediately the whole herds of pigs rushed down the hill into the lake and were drowned. Seeing this, the man who was taking care of pigs ran away and spread the news in the town. All were amazed by seeing the miracle that the two men were became free from evil spirits. From that place Jesus got into the boat and next went to the Capernaum. Many people came together to see Jesus and listen him. When the spread news that he was in the town.

Jesus healing the blind man pictures for kids
Jesus healing the blind man pictures for kids

                  At that place four men came to Jesus carrying a paralyzed man. Then Jesus was preaching the message to all the people who were gathered there. Because of the large gathering around the jesus the four men could not take the paralyzed man near him. So they removed a few tiles from the roof and made an opening where Jesus stood. Through the opening they slowly lowered the paralyzed man wrapped in a mat. By seeing their faith Jesus said to the paralyzed man, “My son, your sins are forgiven, Get up and go home.” The paralyzed man stood up happily and thanked the Jesus Christ for curing him and went home. All the people who were gathering there watched all this very surprisingly and were amazed by seeing this miracle.

Jesus healing the sick daughter of Jairus coloring pages for childrens and kids
Jesus healing the sick daughter of Jairus coloring pages for childrens and kids

                  After a few days when the preaching of Jesus going on, a Jewish official came to him and said, “My daughter has just died. Please come and place your hands n her. She will be alive.” Jesus followed the official to his home because he knew that the man had a strong believe in him. As they walked through the street a woman who was diseased and was bleeding profusely from her wounds since twelve saw Jesus. She did not ask Jesus to cure her as she could not gather her courage. Instead she felt if only she would touch his robes, she would be cured of her terrible illness. So she made her way through the crowds and touched the robes of Christ. Jesus Christ looked at her and said, “My child rise, for your faith has cured you” Immediately the woman was cured of her wounds and she fell at Jesus’ feet with gratitude. When Jesus reached the Jewish officials house he saw a large crowd had gathered around the dead girl. Jesus addressed the crowd and asked them to leave the room and told them that the girl was only sleeping. Then the crowd mocked him, but the Jewish officials insisted and they all left the room. Jesus prayed to the lord by holding the dead girls hand. At once life was infused into the dead girl and she woke up as though she had just been a sleep.

                  After leaving the Jewish officials house Jesus walked through the streets, then two blind men began following him. Because they had heard that Christ could cure the sick miraculously. So they cried “Oh jesus Christ, have pity on us.” Jesus turned to them and said” Do you really believe that I can heal you?.” “ Yes lord we do”. Both of them had answered at once. Then jesus touched their eyes and said “ Let it happen as you believe” then immediately their site was restored. They could see after these miracles they were greatly amazed and they spread the news everywhere.

                    One dat when jesus was preaching to a large group of people, a man with a message from mary and Martha came running there. In the message they wrote “lord, our brother and your friend lazarus  is ill.” But jesus could not leave immediately because his preaching was going on. After two days jesus said to his disciples “ lets go back to Jerusalem. Our friend lazarus has fallen asleep.” By this the disciples knew that the lazarus was already dead. When they reached jerushalem, lazarus had already been buried and several people had gathered there to console mary and Martha. When the sisters came to knew the jesus had arrived, Martha came out to meet him. “If you would have come earlier.” She wept. “ Lazarus would still be alive.” Jesus looked at her calmly and said “Do not worry the lord will take care of everything.” “But” wept Martha “what would happen when the world came to an end.” Jesus then said “who ever will believes in me shall have life even after death.” He asked Martha, “do you believe in me? “ “yes” aid Martha then jesus asked her “show me the grave of lazarus”. When jesus was led to lazarus’s tomb, they moved away the huge stone that covered it. Jesus said, “ If you have faith you shall see the glory of the God.” He then called out loudly “ “lazarus come out.” Then lazarus waked out of the grave covered in the burriel clothes. He loked very healthy and fresh as though he had just woken up from his sleep. All the people who were gathered there was amazed by seeing this miracle. The people removed the burriel clothes and took lazarus home happily praising the lord for his mercy. 

Bible references for Miracle of Jesus 

Useful References and Bible verses

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{Matthew 14:22-33; Mark 6:45-52; John 6:16-24} 

3) A sick woman is healed by Lord Jesus Christ 

{Matt 9:20-22; Mark 5:25-34; Luke 8:43-48}

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